Must-Do and Must Eats in Vancouver | Canada Travel Vlog

Vancouver, Canada Food Travel Vlog: Are you ready for… buffalo fried chicken eggs benedict, fried chicken brioche French toast, huge pancakes, Capilano Suspension Bridge and INCREDIBLE chicken ramen from Marutama? Because it’s all in this vlog!


Jam Cafe

This was worth the queue (though I’d still go there early to save peeking through the window and drooling over yourself). I went for the buffalo fried chicken eggs benedict (MUST ORDER if you love fried chicken) as well as the fried chicken Brioche french toast, apple, and cinnamon French toast and pulled pork pancakes. All very reasonably priced considering how big the portions are. The service was great too!

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Regarded as the top attraction in Vancouver and the bridge was certainly quite the sight – even with the crowds. It’d be a great experience during off-peak but had such a wonderful time nonetheless marveling the woods, seeing the views and then the lights.

Marutama Ramen

I went for the Aosa Seaweed Ramen with the house broth and opted for mild over spicy broth. It’s been a month and I still think about this broth on a daily basis. I loved it that much. The cha-shu pork was very fatty (and personally wasn’t for me) but I appreciate the flavor and fattiness of the dish regardless. For those who love pork belly, you are going to LOVE this.

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